Wonderful Sissy Dating

sissy dating a mistress

I am a cross dresser and can also be called a sissy boy. Last Saturday night, after I had dinner, I opened my computer as usual and visited some sissy chat rooms, but I was surprised to find a sissy chat and sissy dating site that can both chat and date. I curiously visited it, and then began to find the people I like. It took me about a few minutes to complete my registration so I started my sissy date trip.

The next morning, I met with my mistress from the sissy chat website to meet at the beach. Her name is Kelly. When I first saw her, I was fascinated by her figure, delicate face, slender legs, not to say that mention the towering peaks and rounded buttocks. That day I wore an ordinary short-sleeved, then thought we just met for the first time. Chatting and eating will end the day's life. But did not think that we understand each other and found that an unforgettable sex dating is waiting for us.

Kelly told me that since I was a sissy, he wanted me to dress up more feminine. So we went to a nearby lingerie shop, we bought a beautiful bra, stockings and thongs. Also some toys specifically for flirting.

After out lingerie shop, we went to a hotel, ordered a hearty lunch. Kelly opened a bottle of wine, lightly poured a half cup for me, I expressed thranks for her. After that we started to talk about some moody topics.

In order to give Kelly a more comfortable sex experience. I went to the bathroom. and filled up the bathtub with water, looked around, and find a few of their razors and shaving cream. I got into the tub and soaked for a while. I then lathered up my legs, and grabbed the razor. I hesitated for a second, but started to shave all the hair off. I made several strokes over the same spots to get it as smooth as possible. I then moved to my pubes, and butt. Then shaved my chest, and arms. My back took the longest, but after a while I was completely shaved, and smooth. I hardly recognize myself. I finished washing myself, got out, dried off, wear sissy clothes just bought today and walked into the living room.

"Wow, nice legs!" Kelly said. Before I could say anything, Kelly handed me a hot pink lacey thong, "Put this on and cover yourself up." I did as I was told. I was on my knees, and Kelly started pumping my butt with the whip in her hand. I feel so cool. Then she walked over to ride on my back and continued to beat me by hand. Then she grabbed my cock and I could not help but roar, it was really exciting. What happens next was all the more exciting, and I would not go into more detail here.

I wanted to say it was a wanderful sissy dating and I would meet more my mistresses or masters on the sissy chat site.