My Sissy Life

sissy dating

Hello, everyone. I am a sissy boy and I like to go to some sissy chat and blogs sites and Express some thoughts about sissy. I am a open person, I like to make friends on sissy chat site. Last Sunday, I meet a sissy friend, and he told me why he become a sissy and how to live as a sissy. We see it as before on the sissy chat site. I also told he who I am and I what I want to do.

Now, I will tell you something about my sissy life. My job is a waiter in the sissy bar. I love my job very much. Every day I meet a lot of sissy friends. I like to serve them. It's my honor. Often there are many guests to tease me, I will show very weak with them. Although many of my friends don’t like my job. But I still stick to my idea. What's wrong with this job? This is a part of my life, it is indispensable.

At night when after work I will live on the sissy chat website. Although I do not have many fans, but as long as someone chat with me, I will seriously communicate with them. They will ask me some strange questions, sometimes I am in order to the atmosphere in live, I will say some regular stories to them. Sometimes, someone will be dating me on the sissy chat site. Whenever this happens, not everyone will agree, I will communicate with them more privately, and then consider whether or not to go out with them. After all, meeting a stranger still needs a sense of safety.

When I met people I really feel good, I will agree to his dating request. At this time I will dress up very sexy and hot. After all, the first impression between people is very important, I hope that when he first saw me, I was deeply attracted. I will tell him I like to go some sissy themed bars, of course, not to my working bar, I also want to be a guest to enjoy this sissy bar life. After we chatted and drank, some unspeakable things certainly had to be done. I think you guys should understand what I said.

The next day, as always, I work in my sissy bar. This is my sissy life and I think my life is full. If you are interested in me, you can visit the sissy chat and dating site. Then follow me.